About us

Hello! My name is Arty and I am PhD from Russia. For many years I'd been studying data mining and machine learning in the sphere of investment. And also I got used to creating things, as a hobby. I noticed with time, that working on design makes me happy and free, but at the same time I was critically lack of time to actually produce these things.

While I was talking to like-minded people, I realized that there are plenty of people like me and that’s how Elmarto project had started. It consists of three ingredients.

1. Designers from all over the world send us their ideas, based on which unique products are created in Elmarto workshop.

2. We sell these products on Elmarto.art website and each sale brings profit to the author.

3. We teach designers for free by using interesting quests.

Our slogan is «People are talented» means that we are sure that a lot of people have an extraordinary potential as designers. It will make their world brighter and it will bring them happiness and freedom, because there is no bigger freedom than the freedom of imagination.


For Customers

Mobile (WhatsApp): +7 920 264-15-55

Instagram: DM us at @elmarto_workshop

E-mail: ElmartoArt@gmail.com

Address: 305005, Russian Federation, Kursk, Boytsov st. 187-59

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Return Policy

You are free to return the product regardless of the cause, quality condition or functionality of the item. Exceptions are customized products (name signs, logo sign, etc.) including non-standard item colors chosen that is not on the listing photos or in the description of an item. Returning the product can be done within 3 days from the receiving date by contacting us and using any shipping method you like at your own expense.

Quality Assurance

We will gladly produce and ship an item replacement for free in following cases:

1. The item is broken during the production, shipping issues/damage delivery, or within 2 months of operation in normal conditions.

2. The package is declared lost by the carrier/shipping company.

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